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APRAISE Case Studies

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Dissemination Activities


1st APRAISE Brochure 

The 1st APRAISE Brochure is available in both Greek and English language. 


2nd APRAISE Brochure 

The 2nd APRAISE Brochure briefly presents the APRAISE Case Studies results. The 2nd APRAISE Brochure is available here



The APRAISE project has been presented in the European Office of Cyprus webpage. The uploaded information is available here



Information on APRAISE (including the project goals, approach, expected outcomes etc.) has been uploaded in the ECOWEB website. Find the respective information here


APRAISE in Energy Valley

Information on APRAISE is also available in the Energy Valley website, as JIN provided an interview on the project and its activities, including the APRAISE Final Conference. Find the respective information here (Dutch language). 


Impact Stakeholders’ Questionnaire

Policy Brief

The 2nd APRAISE Policy Brief provides a thorough analysis of the role of sustainable development indicators for evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency and efficacy of policy instruments. It also offers an assessment on their usefulness in answering research questions related to the issues addressed by APRAISE. The 2nd Policy Brief is available here.

Policy Brief

You can find the 1st Apraise Brief here.

APRAISE Synthesis Document

The APRAISE Synthesis Document presenting the results of the APRAISE 3 years of operation has been released! The APRAISE Synthesis Document is available here:

APRAISE Synthesis Document