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APRAISE Summer School

25th – 29th August 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Scope & Objectives

Main objective of the APRAISE Summer School was to teach students about policy making for a better environment, in order to provide a better understanding of real-life situations where multiple policies exist and where people and organizations respond differently to policy instruments. Students had the opportunity to learn about assessing environmental policy instruments individually and in conjunction with each other with a focus on enhanced effectiveness and efficiency of these instruments, while gaining experience in using tools for policy analysis (modelling, identifying and analyzing policy context factors, policy cycle analysis, market mapping, etc.).



Impact Stakeholders’ Questionnaire

Policy Brief

The 2nd APRAISE Policy Brief provides a thorough analysis of the role of sustainable development indicators for evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency and efficacy of policy instruments. It also offers an assessment on their usefulness in answering research questions related to the issues addressed by APRAISE. The 2nd Policy Brief is available here.

Policy Brief

You can find the 1st Apraise Brief here.

APRAISE Synthesis Document

The APRAISE Synthesis Document presenting the results of the APRAISE 3 years of operation has been released! The APRAISE Synthesis Document is available here:

APRAISE Synthesis Document